Bear Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast Policies

Guest policy

All guests are to be present at the time of check in unless prior arrangements are made with the innkeepers/owners. For example, if a person checks in as a single occupant then no one else is permitted in the room or cottage or on the property unless prior permission was obtained and arrangements were made before checking in and the extra guest is registered.


All adults must reveal their name, address and telephone number at registration or check-in. The owners reserve the right to copy driver’s license and identification of any adult guest. This information will be kept confidential. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Locked Doors

Guests are given the front door code at the time of check-in. The code is strictly confidential and not to be shared with any other person other than the registered guest.

Smoking, vaping, diffusers or hookah

No smoking, vaping or hookah will be tolerated anywhere on the property. No smokers are permitted to stay at Bear Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast or Guest Cottage since smoke on clothing and luggage affects our allergies. No diffusers with fragrance are permitted.

Hiking and Disc Golf Waiver

Guests are welcome and encouraged to use our beautiful hiking trails and disc golf course. In order to do so, a signed waiver is necessary beforehand. Request from innkeeper.  Access is subject to hunting seasons and logging activity. Check with innkeeper.

Alcohol abuse and property damage

Behavior related to the excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the property with no refund and if damage or inconvenience have been experienced then the guest will be charged a fee of $250 or an amount equal to repairs to the damage. Any permanent damage to our property and or linens will result in a fee of $250 charged to the guest.

Neighbor policy

All guests are to be considerate of the other guests and maintain quiet especially between 10 PM and 8:30 AM. B&B guests are permitted in their personal rooms, common areas in the Bed and Breakfast, trails, yard, driveway and pond areas outdoors. No guest admission to the owners quarters including the kitchen. No admission to the barns. B&B guests are to respect the privacy of the occupants of the cottage and not look into the windows unless the innkeeper has granted permission when the cottage is unoccupied.


No pets are allowed on the property.


Nursing infants and children over 12 are permitted only in the Guest Cottage but must be directly supervised at all times. No children between 2 and 11 are permitted on the property.


Non swimmers are not permitted on the paddleboat or on the dock or close to the edge of the pond. No swimming.

Owner's Privilege:The owners reserve the right to enter the premises of all our facilities when guests are not present to attend to housekeeping matters.