Bear Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast Policies

Guest policy

All guests are to be present at the time of check in unless prior arrangements are made with the innkeepers/owners. For example, if a person checks in as a single occupant, no one else is permitted in the room or cottage or on the property unless prior permission was obtained and arrangements were made before checking in.


All adults must reveal their name, address and telephone number at registration or check-in. The owners reserve the right to copy driver’s license of any adult guest. This information will be kept confidential. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Locked Doors

Guests are given the front door code at the time of check-in. The code is strictly confidential and not to be shared with any other person other than the registered guest.


No smoking will be tolerated anywhere on the property. No smokers are permitted to stay at Bear Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast or Guest Cottage since smoke on clothing and luggage affects our allergies.

Room Service

Rooms will be serviced between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you do not wish to have room service, place the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door knob outside the door. We are happy to provide new towels daily if desired. If a guest prefers to reuse a towel, they can leave it hanging on a towel bar. Any towel you wish to have a replacement, please place on the floor of the shower. We are striving to be as green as we can while still making your stay as pleasant as possible. No room service is available in the cottage.

Alcoholic beverages

We allow small personal drinks or a bottle of wine. However, behavior related to the excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the property with no refund.

Neighbor policy

All guests are to be considerate of the other guests and maintain quiet especially between 10PM and 8:30 AM.


No pets are allowed on the property.


Parents or guardians must keep their children with in reach at all times as appropriate. No one under 18 is to be unsupervised anywhere inside the buildings or on the property.


All guests who wish to use the paddle boat are required to wear a life jacket that fits properly. Non-swimmers are not permitted on the dock or paddle boat. Children must wear a life jacket on the dock.

Driveway and trails

Speed limit on the driveway is 10MPH and guests are to drive cautiously since there are blind hills and curves. Hiking is permitted on the trails except during hunting seasons.


B&B guests are permitted in their personal rooms, common areas in the Bed and Breakfast, trails, yard, driveway and pond areas outdoors. No guest admission to the owners quarters including the kitchen. No admission to the barns. B&B guests are to respect the privacy of the occupants of the cottage and not look into the windows unless the owner has granted permission when the cottage is unoccupied.

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